WASH & CARE / Le Soin

Exquisite Simple Wash S/M/L/XL Hair Length

Professional Hair Diagnosis, shampooing twice, applying Conditioner / Hair Mask, including a complimentary Relaxing Scalp Massage 


Kids Hair Simple Wash

Gentle washing, Shampooing twice, applying Conditioner / nurturing Hair Mask 


After-Color Hair Revitalizing Wash

Gently removing coloring agent and washing, shampooing twice, Conditioner / Hair Mask 


Hair Extensions Wash and Care

Professional Hair Diagnosis, shampooing twice, Conditioner/Mask


Men’s Simple Hair Wash

Professional Hair Diagnosis, gentle washing, shampooing twice, applying Conditioner, simple massage to stimulate scalp, Hair Tonic


Extra Relaxing Scalp Massage 

Releases deep tension, stimulates follicles and skin