Phito-peeling Mask Treatment
Deep skin cleansing, toning, applying mask and cream suitable to the skin type. Treatment has visible lifting effect, brightens complexion, regulates excess sebum, treats acne,and regenerates the tissue.


Acne Treatment
Deep skin cleansing, toning, peeling followed by extractions, applying soothing mask and cream suitable to skin type. Treatment provides a thorough cleansing of the skin, soothes irritations, regulates sebaceous secretions and maintains a normal skin pH.


Caviar Treatment
Enzymatic peeling, serum hydration, mask and cream suitable for skin type, relaxing massage. Reduces wrinkles, brightens smoothens and vitalizes the complexion.

Vitamin C Treatment
Deep skin cleansing, peeling followed by application of Vitamin C and Retinol A serums, applying mask, serum and cream suitable to skin type. Moisturizes, tones, brightens complexion, attenuates wrinkles, acne, spots and scars due to antioxidant action.


Intensive Hydration Treatment
Deep skin cleansing, gentle exfoliation, applying Hyaluronic acid-based serum, relaxing massage, applying mask and elastin-based moisturizing serum, applying cream and serum. Hydrates skin intensively and reduces expression wrinkles.


Dermapen Therapy – Amesom Vials
Professional Dermato-cosmetic treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastine and promotes effective cream and active substances absorption. This treatment is used to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, stains, improve skin elasticity, smoothen scars and stretch marks and attenuate acne.